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How To Tame Curly Or Wavy Hair

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  • The key to unlock healthy hair that you love
  • The top 5 common mistakes made when caring for curly/wavy hair.
  • A real life case study on how I transformed stringy, damaged, dry hair into healthy, soft, shining, frizz-free curls.
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About Your Presenter:

Curl Specialist

Colleen has taken her knowledge from cosmetology school & helped over 11,000 woman around the world tame frizz and create soft, healthy, frizz-free hair they love.

She has found that there are few common mistakes made when it comes  to curly/wavy hair care. 

Understanding which of these mistakes you are making is the first step in taming your natural hair pattern and wearing soft, frizz-free  curly/waves.

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