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My Miracle Curls

A Step-By-Step Online Course On...

How To Bring Dead Curls Back To Life


If You Are Currently Dreaming Of Being Able To Wear Your Natural Hair Pattern & Not Having To Deal With.....

  • Extremely dry and damaged hair
  • Unexplained frizz
  • Inconsistent results
  • Heat or color damage
  • Wonky Curl Pattern
  • Product & application confusion

While constantly playing the guessing game of how to style your hair & what products to use

The Answer

A detailed video tutorial on how to bring dead curls back to life

I Know You Have Questions Like.....

  • What's my hair type?
  • How do I choose the right products for my hair type?
  • When I purchase products, how do I know when and how to use them?
  • What do I need to do to stretch my washday while keeping my scalp healthy?
  • How do I achieve the perfect balance of protein & moisture?
  • How do I protect my hair from hair loss and future damage

And most importantly.....

How To I Create Healthy, Frizz Free, Shinning Curls/Waves That People Rave About?

This Is Where My Miracle Curls



This course provides easy, step by step instructions on how to bring curls back to life.

Super simple to reference and has helped my curls come back to life.

But the best part has been the support from Colleen!

Hayley from Australia

"My hair has never looked better and I get compliments everyday about how much they love my curls!!!!!"


Turn Damaged, Unmanageable, Frizzy Hair ---> Into Healthy, Soft, Frizz Free. Bouncing Hair That People Rave About!

Hi! I'm Colleen! The Creator Of My Miracle Curls & Curly/Wavy Intensive Bundle!

I can confidently say that transforming my hair has changed my life!

After experiencing postpartum hair loss (& damaged hair from heat tools and over-processing)...

I was able to completely transform my hair in a few months.

& I've helped thousands of other people do the same!

After having curly hair my whole life I’ve gone from loving, hating over-processing, and finally accepting my curls.

I felt so overwhelmed, sick, and tired of spending time and money on magical products that promised me the results that I wanted.

I seemed to always get stuck in the same cycle…..

--->Feel inspired to care for and wear my curls naturally --->become overwhelmed with how to get started and which products to purchase ---->quickly purchase products and hope for the best ---> only to become discouraged when I didn’t get immediate results.

It was frustrating and discouraging. 

It wasn't until I recognized that when it comes to having healthy curly hair there are no quick fixes, that I began researching and experimenting to find what works and what doesn't. 

That is when I started seeing results. REAL results.

After many months of trying everything that worked (and didn't work) and sharing my journey along the way, I began receiving requests from other curly girl's that were in my shoes not too long ago.

The curly girl who was ready to embrace their curls but not sure how to get started.

That is when I created My Miracle Curls Step By Step video tutorial.

I took all the knowledge and experience I'd learned, picked out the key elements to having great curls, and compiled them into one, organized, easy to follow video tutorial.

By implementing each of these key steps consistently, my curls have gone from frizzy and crunchy to healthy, shining and thriving.

I've taken everything I've learned about curly/wavy hair...

....combined it with my knowledge of hair from cosmetology school

& created this bundle to help YOU achieve the results YOU deserve!

Now I Teach My Entire Step-By-Step Strategy To YOU Inside The My Miracle Curls


  • How to understand exactly how to choose products for your specific hair type
  • How to protect your hair from future damage
  • 6 Modules covering each foundational element of curly/wavy haircare
  • 12 detailed video tutorials showing you EXACTLY how to implement various application techniques
  • Multiple workbooks & checklists


My Miracle Curls Course Curriculum:

Courses Included With Purchase:

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Original Price: MMC $69

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Bonus Section!!

When you enroll today....

You will have full access to

The Curly Girl Started Kit (a $29 value

Healthy Hair Bootcamp - Hair growth workshop featuring holistic nutritionist Margaret Powell as a special guest $39 Value


The 1-2-3 Curls Ebook

This ebook is an in depth guide that covers all the topics we've talks about the past 5 days. Think of it as a quick reference of all the information you need to bring your curls back to life. typically $15

The Daily Curl Tracker 

This custom curl tracker give you everything you need to diligently track your curly journey. Typically $25

The DIY Recipe Book 

This recipe book is full of all my favorite DIY's that work really well! Typically $15

Product Guide 

A complete product guide of mt favorite products. Typically $10

NOTE: These product are printable ebooks

Imagine This:

It's wash day and you know exactly what products to use, how to treat your hair, & how to style it to get results you can count on.

There's no more "winging" your wash day and hoping for the best.

You Know EXACTLY how to get consistent results and don't have to worry about the added stress of a failed wash day before an event.

No more stressing about what products to use

No more spending hours styling your hair only to throw it in a messy bun because of a failed washday

No more spending money on products that don't work

No more feeling confused & alone when it comes to understanding your curly/waves

It's time to transform your hair from the inside out and bring dead curls/waves back to life!

This (and more) is what you'll learn to do inside My Miracle Curls!

Q: Tell me more about Curly Wavy Intensive. Exactly how does this work?

A: Sure!

Once you've completed the online course (& often sooner than that) you'll will understand exactly what makes your hair "tick".

This course is designed to lay a firm foundation to understand your hair and teaches you a simplified approach to curly/wavy haircare.

So you will never be left at the mercy of finding that one "Unicorn Product" again.

What I teach is so much more than a "quick fix".

Rather an empowering and sustainable way to care for your curls/waves.

The Result Of Learning To Love And Care For Your Hair?

A WIN For You: Consistent results that you can rock over and over again. The more you understand what your hair needs, the more it will produce epic results.

A WIN For Your Hair: Because your hair deserves to be loved too!

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