Are you confused about finding the right protein/moisture balance?

If you're tired of frizzy, crunchy, damaged curls and are ready to embrace soft, bouncing frizz-free curls, then you are in the right place!

Did you know that your hair is 85-90% protein?

Did you also know that if you do now know how to balance said protein, you'll end up with frizzy, crunchy curls among other not so pleasant symptoms.

I know, because it happened to me.....

If you can relate to the picture on the left at all, then you NEED to be apart of this workshop.

Typically $39. Special discount $22


If you struggle with...

  • Stringy or crunchy curls 
  • Excessive frizz 
  • Hair feels too soft
  • Loss of curl pattern
  • Hair feels limp and dull
  • Hair has no volume
  • Split ends and breakage
  • Hair feels greasy or gummy when wet
  • Wet frizz
  • No shine

There's a really good chance that your protein/moisture balance is all wrong. 

That's why I put together an in-depth protein/moisture workshop to help you understand how to balance these super important elements.

Which will intern yield the soft, frizz-free curls you've always wanted!

This is a pre-recorded workshop that you will have lifetime access to it so you can always go back through and rewatch it.

What's Included in the protein/moisture workshop?

Whether you are just getting started on your curly girl journey, or simply looking to know more about protein and moisture, the basic package is for you.

  • Lifetime access to a pre-recorded workshop on moisture/protein ($39) 
  • Bonus: 3 pre recorded interviews with curl specialists  ($35)
  • The Curly Girl Starter Kit Bundle ($29 value) 

Typically: $164

Get the protein/moisture workshop now for just $22

Meet Colleen.

I'm Colleen and I am a curly hair enthusiast!

I've had curly hair my whole life. I've gone from loving, hating, over-processing my curls.

After experiencing postpartum hair loss and in my desperation, I decided to create a space in the world to share my curly journey and connect with other curlies around the world.

I believe that having great curls comes down to 5 simple steps.

When implemented correctly, these steps will yield soft bouncing curls that people rave about.

While fancy products have their place for sure, it really comes to how you are caring for your curls on a daily basis.

I created this product to share my knowledge about curls and to help guide any curly girl who is struggling to love, care for, or style her curls.