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Meet Laura who said....

I can hands down say, @curly_colleen is the best financial investment I’ve ever made for my business.

I still remember 3 years ago when I met Colleen for the first time. We connected on the ‘gram and decided to trade some coaching and just plain business stuff because we saw value in each other. The cool thing was we lived less than an hour apart. 😎 

I knew from the first time I really talked with Colleen that her mind is just different. She sees so many key details. I really imagine her vision to be like the matrix… just moving numbers and keywords 🤣🤣

Seriously though. She showed me a whole other level of possibility I didn’t know was available to me. We’re officially lifelong friends now (you’re stuck with me @curly_colleen) and she’s an incredible asset to my business.

Here’s why I love working with her so much:

  • She has an easy to use template or a resource for EVERYTHING.
  • She actually tells you what to do and what to say in your marketing.
  • Her coaching resources come in multiple formats
  • Coaching calls with replay links
  • Canva templates
  • Doc templates
  • Spreadsheets 
  • Video trainings

➡️ I’ve gotten more access and follow up from Colleen than any other coach. 

➡️ Her level of organization is 💋😽

So do yourself a favor and invest in your business with @curly_colleen.

You’ll be happy you did ♥️

Meet the inspiring success stories of ambitious women who have already revolutionized their businesses and are now reaping the well-deserved rewards.

What people are saying...

I have been working with Colleen for 8 weeks.

The value Colleen has given me with her one-on-one coaching calls and templates are like nothing I have ever seen from online coaching before.

I have been doing this for ten years and invested thousands of dollars, so trust me.

Since working with Colleen and sticking to my plan, my IG has grown from 422 - 7,694 followers, I am now at 1,585 subscribers on my email list (and that number is growing daily).

PLUS I've officially made back my investment in her coaching services!

I have people messaging me telling me my content is so helpful to them.

This is due largely from Colleen's focus on niche and getting my set up with a freebie from the beginning.

I can't wait to see where this goes and I plan on working with Colleen in the future!

I have said it once but I will say it again, I have spend THOUSANDS of dollars on social media training over the last ten years and I have never come across anything like what Colleen is offering.

She doesn't throw a bunch of stuff at you and leave you on your own to figure it out.

Not only does she have easy to use templates that are as simple as a copy/paste to make it your own, she explains it thoroughly answering all your questions.

This was incredibly easy to follow!

Next we chatted about my IG campaign during my launch.

Again, Colleen has templates ready to go, but make sure you grab a pen and paper for notes because she goes a step further to help you see how to incorporate this with your own niche and product.

I can say without a doubt I would never have been able to launch my product without Colleen's training.



Hi I’m Colleen,

Your Social Media Bestie.

I'm just a stay-at-home mom who recognized how much value I could bring to the table & was annoyed about the fact that nobody would pay me what I know I'm worth.

So I made my own rules.

Now I teach woman to do the exact same thing.

I've guided countless ambitious women to establish thriving businesses with my one-of-a-kind approach.

Having spent years mastering this approach I understand that creative talent often goes unrewarded. —I've been there, eight years ago.

Through coaching talented, ambitious women, I've had the privilege to witness them amplify their following, email subscribers, income, and have a profound impact on the world.

I want you to be next!